The Election Conduct Act

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The Election Conduct Act is a Liberalian Law. Clause 6 has been revoked by the Election Security Act.

[edit] The Bill

1) The contents of this bill applies to Guardian Council Elections and Prime Minister Elections.

2) All parties reserve the right to choose their own election rules for internal elections

3) All nations who are eligible to vote must be resident in Liberalia whether with their main nation or a puppet nation; each member of the forum is only allowed one vote irregardless of how many nations they have in Liberalia

4) No Party may force any of it's member nations to vote for that party's nominee

5) No Nation may harass or verbally attack any other nations based on what candidate they've chosen, or what opinion they have stated

6) (REVOKED) If any of the preceding 6 rules are breached, the evidence will be examined by the courts who will decide if there is a case to answer. If the person is found guilty, they will lose their right to vote in that election, a second offence will lead to a written warning and a third and subsequent offence will lead to banning from running or voting in further elections up to a maximum of three elections per offence.

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